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bluegrass fests this summer?

snarfmaster C

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Bake them biscuits baby,

Bake 'em good and brown,

When you get those biscuits baked,

We're Alabama bound...

Pickin and grinnin - from Ontario thru the Maritimes, 2007:

June 22-24

The Tottenham Bluegrass Festival

Tottenham, ON

June 28 - July 1

Fox Mountain Bluegrass


Aylesford Road, NS

July 6-8

River Valley Country & Bluegrass Gathering

Temagami River, ON

July 13-15

Valley Bluegrass Festival

Renfrew, ON

July 20-22

Millpond Bluegrass Festival

Maitland, N S

July 20, 21

Sand Road Roots, Folk and

Bluegrass Festival

Moose Creek, ON

July 26-29

Palmer Rapids Twin Music Festival

Palmer Rapids, ON

July 27-29


Branches and Roots Music Festival

Ormstown, PQ

Aug. 1-5

River Valley

Bluegrass Jamboree

River Valley, ON


Bass Cove Country Jamboree

(email only/ no website)

Napanee, ON

Aug. 10-12

Willow Park Bluegrass


Hagersville, ON

Aug. 17-19

Sand Road Bluegrass Festival

Moose Creek, ON

Aug. 18-20

Red Clay Bluegrass Festival

Tignish, PEI

Aug. 17-19

Kempt Shore Bluegrass &

Old-Time Music Festival

Hants Co., NS

Aug. 24-27

Rogersville Homecoming

Bluegrass Festival

Rogersville, NB

Aug. 30 - Sept. 2

Traditional Days Bluegrass


New Richmond, PQ

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