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Yet another last-minute slip-related show


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Brad and Andrew Barr will be playing Wed. night in Montreal for the PopMontreal festival at le Cagibi (formerly Esparanza, 5490 St. Laurent).

He is listed as playing 9pm-10pm, so it's a short show. Super small and intimate "cafe" space with good beer on tap.

Afterward there is a FANTASTIC show at the Ukranian Federation a few blocks over, where Patti Smith will be reading with A Silver Mount Zion playing as the backing band. That one's at about 10pm, so it would line up nicely. Tix for that are a mere 5 bucks.

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blane have you ever been to the Festival Arabe? end of Oct.

i'm thinking of going for the club d'elf night but can't figure out too much info about this fest or the show. do they turn place des arts into an arab village type thing? having trouble with their website, so just wondering if you'd been.

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haven't been heather. I think it's a new one. I checked that show out but it looked really expensive (40+) and happens to be the ngiht of my birthday which I had already planned to see my friends' band at Sala Rossa. Still, if you're in town let me knwo and maybe we can swing an after-show beer or two!

Edit: looks like it at Corona and not PDA.

Vendredi 26 octobre à 20h00. Ouverture du FMA 2007. Théâtre Corona, 2490, rue Notre-Dame O.

Prix du billet : 33 $ (taxes en sus) Rés. : Corona 514-931 2088 ou Admission 514-790 1245 / www.admission.com

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So no news on the Barr Bros. show, but apparently the Patti Smith-ASMZ show was really amazing. I'm listening to the first track right now and it's sounding cool.

Download can be found linked here:


I'm not going to repost the direct download link here because the guy pays for his own bandwidth, but if you're curious there it is.

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