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Mother's Day is Sunday and I'm getting my Mom a manicure / pedicure treatment from a spa or somewhere that does that sort of thing in KW, preferably downtown Waterloo or near Highland and Westmount in Kitchener.

Can anyone recommend a fairly upscale spa / facility that is reputable? Others have told me about the Waters Spa and the Urban Body Health Spa, but all I know of them is their webpages...

Thanks for the help

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I hear the Waters uptown Waterloo is excellent.
Gina's Spa on Regina Street in Waterloo have been in business for 30years and is well recommended. The Waters on Willis Way in Waterloo just opened and looks quite upscale.

Thanks folks. I've heard great things about both Waters and Gina's from other people off the messageboard as well, so I'm going to take my Mom by both places and let her decide.

Thanks for the help!

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I can't believe I forgot about GINA'S! Been there many times, and it's fantastic! No doubt your mom will feel like a queen after her time there. It's pricey, but for a mother's day gift, it is SO worth it!!

my mom thinks gina's is cool.

no, seriously. it's quite good, she goes a few times a year and raves about it.

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