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Binaural Beats/Holosync


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Hey folks.

Does anybody know much about sound therapy?

There are a bunch of programs out there to train/exercise your brain to freely communicate as a whole (or so they tout themselves as such) and I am curious if anybody's ever used any of them.

they kind of remind me of that episode of Inspector Gadget where CLAW controls this record company to hypnotize the world and turn everyone into his slaves.

Although I don't really think they're as powerful as that, I presume that it's some serious stuff.

I remember a Phish show that Giggles has/d on tape that contained 'the vibrations of life' and that touched on some similar principles.

Anybody have any places of interest for me online?

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Here's a link...

Healing Beats

I'm not going to spend a lot of time on this, as since I've found some I should probably use them, but first I'm still curious about dangers. I haven't found anything other than the concern that I'll unearth some deeply rooted dysfunction that my brain will work out over time.

I also found a program to make my own but want to figure out how to control my creations...

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