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Rib teck


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I am a new convert to baking pork ribs in the oven with a dryrub and finishing them for no more than 5 minutes on the grill, saucing towards the end.

I mean, I've done the dry rub before, I've done the dry rub, bake before, but only now have I begun saucing at the absolute end.

What is your preferred method method for rib cooking? Boil/Bake/Smoke? Sauce before/after? Dry rub or no dry rub?

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we did ribs exactly that way yesterday, Adam- baked em with a dry rub at 260° for about 3 hours, then threw em on the grill for about 10-15 minutes or so, baste-turn-baste-turn-baste-turn kinda thing

worked out well, i think the fact that they were covered while in the oven helped retain their moisture. i'd been a bit worried that we'd need to add some liquid but as it turns out this wasn't necessary.

also we'd left the dry rub on for close to 24 hours, so those spices were quite noticable in the final overall flavour

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