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Downtime sounds like a good new band.


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Downtime on the Island

Downtime - Brickyard, St. John, NB Sunday April 15th, 2001

Set Blackout > Jockey* > Bicycle* > ?* > Zenith* > Bubble Hook*, Tea Time*, Scarlet Begonias w/techno jam > Gotta Jibboo, Dirt Jam

* Original Songs

Downtime - Brickyard, St. John NB Saturday April 14th, 2001

Set 1 Jam > Jockey*, Boogie On > Bass Jam, Bicycle, Gin and Juice teases, Bubble Hook* > Jam > My Soul > Jazz Jam, Sneaking Sally > Polly SacAride* > You Don't Love Me

Set 2 Dirt Jam > Zenith* > First Tube > Tweezer > Scarlet Begonias > Gotta Jibboo > Purple Haze > Mama Said Knock You Out > Chank > Roses Are Free

Encore 2001 w/Flintstones teases

Downtime, The cellar, Fredericton, N.B. 2-9-01

1st set: Jam>Original Song,Original Song, First Tube>Dear Prudence, Hottentot, Jam>2001, Original Song, Original Song, Techno jam>Purple Haze tease> Tweezer>Jam

2nd Set: Roses are Free, Gotta Jibboo>Helter Skelter, Gin and Juice, Scarlet Begonias, original song, Mama Said Knock you out> Fight the Power, jam

ENCORE: Slide guitar Jam

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