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free mule show on july 29

afro poppa

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Looks like a good setlist. I love that venue.

Govt Mule

Art Park , Lewiston , NY

Set I: Jam, Bad Little Doggie, Mr. High and Mighty, Brand New Angel, About to Rage, She Said She Said > Tomorrow Never Knows, Child of the Earth, Many Rivers to Cross, Unring the Bell*, Blind Man in the Dark

Set II: John the Revelator, 32-20 Blues, When Doves Cry > Beautifully Broken > When Doves Cry > Beautifully Broken, Brighter Days, drumz, One, A Million Mile From Yesterday, Mule > I Been Workin' > Mule

Enc: Little Wing > Soulshine

Notes: * With "Shakedown Street" (Grateful Dead) tease.

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Good times last night. Great venue. Easy parking. Great price ($0) :)

Bumped into TimmyB about 5mins after getting there. Joined him and his buddy Andy about 4 rows back from the stage.

I really enjoyed the first set. The She Said > Tomorrow Never Knows was a nice treat. There were a number of teases in the Tomorrow Never Knows ... Day Tripper. I hadn't heard Mule do Many Rivers To Cross either. Was glad to get confirmation via TimmyB's cellphone that it was Jimmy Cliff who recorded that first. Made sense that they played it as the back of the stage is on a cliff going down to the Niagara River :)

The second set didn't grab me the way most Mule shows do though. Could have been that I was a bit tired and had been in the sun all day. Still well played mind you. I figured I'd get a jump on traffic and listen to the encore while walking to the parking lot. Had to stop in my tracks though when i heard the opening notes to Little Wing. I had a Jimi shirt on and was waiting to hear some Hendrix Mule. Got my fill, got to my car while they played Soulshine.

Show started at 6:30 and was over at around 9:35. I was at the border at 9:45 and home less than an hour later. Love it :)

Got to meet MuleMomma between sets too. Sorry I missed ya Afro Poppa.

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I really enjoyed the show, got there early and hung out in the parking lot with some fellow mulers and my buddies...had a few magic hat 9s...

spent the first set in the standing room "pit" and loved it...the about to rage had warren doing some serious playing

the second set was short as hell but i enjoyed it, my friends and i spent it sitting on the hill...the One was nice to hear....for the encore my friends and i all made bets on what it was going to be and no word of a lie my friend's guess was Little Wing...I was pretty happy to hear that

all in all a good show, got stuck in traffic a few times on my way back home and unfortunately didn't get back to collingwood until 3am....but definately worth it!!

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