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What you can do to save yourself money and fuÇk bell.


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Switch your home phone and internet to an independant ISP like Teksavvy, it's cheaper, you get better customer service and in light of the recent betrayal of the CRTC, do the following:

Circumventing Bell Canada's throttling with one DSL line

1) Install Tomato/MLPPP on your router just as you would install the normal Tomato firmware (refer to the Tomato documentation).

2) On the Administration/Configuration page, reset your router to factory default settings, including NVRAM

3) Set up your router just as you would with the normal Tomato firmware.

4) On the Basic/Network page, set the "MultiLink PPP" option to "Single Link"

Your router should now use MLPPP on your single DSL line, circumventing Bell Canada's throttling.

For more info visit:


It's time to let the market speak, no more gouging, there are valid alternatives.



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OK... First I'll access the secret military spy satelite that is in geosynchronous orbit over the midwest. Then I'll ID the limo by the vanity plate "MR. BIGGG" and get his approximate position. Then I'll reposition the transmission dish on the remote truck to 17.32 degrees east, hit WESTAR 4 over the Atlantic, bounce the signal back into the aerosphere up to COMSAT 6, beam it back to SATCOM 2 transmitter number 137 and down on the dish on the back of Mr. Big's limo... It's almost too easy.

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I was liking what I was reading until I got to the tomato page and realised that you need specific routers to install it which kinda sucks. On the other hand, I need a new router... On yet another hand (not sure where this hand is), I don't even have bell. I do however like the idea of running open source software on my router.


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