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Grateful Dead - recommendation please?

snarfmaster C

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Cant recall the Day Job but that is a killer show from what I remember. Keep in mind I probably havent heard it in 16 years on cassette!

A speaker explodes during the second set and as the crew is about to change it Bobby says "That little speaker just barked its heart out." or something. Wicked 2nd set.

10-22-83 is also a killer first set but I have never been a fan of that song.

I am positive Hux would agree on this call, 11-01-85.

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try 2/18/85

Grateful Dead

Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center

Oakland, CA

DATE 02/18/85


Disc One

1st Set

Aiko Aiko

C. C. Rider

Dire Wolf


Ramble on Rose

Me and My Uncle>


China Cat>


Disc Two

2nd Set


He's Gone>



Goin' Down the Road>


Disc Three

2nd Set (cont)



China Doll>

Baby What You Want Me to Do>

Sugar Magnolia


Day Job

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Give this one a go, it's probally my favourite version if I had to pick one.

And it's the first time they played it. I also think that 82 was a much better year for GD then 85, especially considering Jerry's health and state of mind.

Oregon Country Fair Site

Veneta, Or.



[edit to add]

Just reading deadbase I see that this show was also the first 'West L.A.'

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I seem to recall someone here mentioning or recommending a show with a version of "New Minglewood Blues" in which Jerry's solo sounds like he's in a completely other dimension; musically, it's outside, 'way freaking outside. I'm sure it was from the 1980s, either '83 or '85, but I can't remember the exact date. Does anyone know the show I mean?



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