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any photographers out there?


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so i'm in the market for a camera. i would like a dslr, probably a prosumer. i do not need a huge one camera so will probably get an APS-C ( i just learned waht that is) rather than full frame sensor.

i am starting from scratch so have no lenses etc. i used to shoot with a pentax spotomatic 500, so learned a little about photography, then after getting tired of lugging it around bought a canon point and shoot, which i love and takes fantastic pictures.

there are so many out there, i guess i would like something relatively light, that has a good all in one lens ie. 18-200.

any help or recomendations or regrets others have would be appreciated.

shoot a response my way....or i guess it might be me shooting your way,


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I shoot on the D300 and love it.

My biggest suggestion to you though would be to not blow your wad on the body... your body is not going to make your pictures look better or not, as it does not matter how many mega-pixels you have if you are shooting through a pint glass.

Make sure you get a good lens, the nikor 18-200 VR is a great lens (it was my first lens), but you are slightly limited by the fstop, as you can only go to 5.4 at a focal length of 200.

The easiest way to pick your camera in my opinion is to decide what camp you want to belong to, Nikon, Canon, or other. If you seriously get into the photography you will more than likely be dropping lots of money over the years on accessories and lenses, and you'll want to keep everything interchangeable. Also you can find lenses that will be just a tad bit more expensive, but will work with both a 1/8 inch chip and a full frame camera.

Henreys downtown store in Toronto has a very large selection of used bodies and lenses, so that might be a great place to look as well.

At the end of the day what makes your photo's great is your eye as an artist... if you can see as a photographer your stuff will look great no matter what you shoot on... just might not be as "crisp".

If you have any other questions send me a pm

in regards to the d90 and the other still camera's offering video recording options, keep in mind that there are many issues in regards to filming with a dslr, I won't get into that whole arguement, but just view the video mode as an added bonus, not a reason to buy a specific camera.

Great review of the D90 for you


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Just to mix things up a bit I shoot a canon rebel xsi review. A great entry level camera. The one issue I have always had with the Nikon cameras is that I find the menu system on them a little hard to use. There is a lot of going in to this menu and that menu just to find some basic functions. The Canons on the other hand, have more dedicated buttons making changing settings very quick. The d90 does seem like a good camera, but the one problem I have with it, or any dslr that does hdvid (canan t1i as well), is that the focus is a little soft. For me, if I want to shoot vid I will use a video camera.

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The problem I have with cameras like the Nikon D90 when it comes to their video is that they can only shoot up to 5 mins of continuous HD. What's the point of even having that function? At least with the Canon cameras in the same class you can get up to 20 minutes, plus they are known for having better 'glass' from what I hear.

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For me' date=' if I want to shoot vid I will use a video camera. [/quote']

That's a good point, it's not like HD video cameras are that expensive right now.

I have a little side savings going on to buy a camera, so thanks for the thread. I know there's a lot of talent on this board.

I certainly wouldn't buy a DSLR based on the video feature. However, I brought that up because I think it's a great added bonus to have that capability to experiment with using the wonderful lenses that you end up buying.

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What kind of photos are you planing on taking? I have a 75-300mm lens that I wish I never got. It pretty much just sits in my bag. I should have skipped on that one and got a better 55mm portrait lens. People always think that lens with more zoom are better, but give me more f-stops any day!!

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