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new live Neil Young from 1984


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Link with almost no information about tracklisting.

Anyway, it's live from 1984 with the International Harvesters. It doesn't say that it is part of the ongoing Archive Performance Series or not, but there doesn't see to be the little NYAPS logo in the top left corner of the cover like on the other releases, so maybe this one is standing on its own for some reason.

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* Denotes Previously Unreleased Track

1. *Amber Jean (9/20/84) Nashville Now TV - Nashville, TN

2. Are You Ready For The Country? (9/21/84) Riverbend Music Center - Cincinnati, OH

3. It Might Have Been (9/25/84) Austin City Limits TV - Austin, Texas

4. Bound For Glory (9/29/84) Gilleys Rodeo Arena - Pasadena, TX

5. *Let Your Fingers Do The Walking (10/22/84) Universal Amphitheater Universal City, CA

6. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (10/26/84) Greek Theater - Berkeley, CA 7. Motor City (10/26/84) Greek Theater - Berkeley, CA

8. *Soul Of A Woman (10/26/84) Greek Theater - Berkeley, CA

9. Get Back To The Country (10/26/84) Greek Theater - Berkeley, CA

10. Southern Pacific (9/1/85) Minnesota State Fair - St. Paul, MN

11. *Nothing Is Perfect (9/1/85) Minnesota State Fair - St. Paul, MN

12. *Grey Riders (9/10/85) Pier 84 - New York City, NY

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Here's hoping he puts out an equivalent release from the Bluenotes tour, that one had bunches of still unreleased songs.

I recall reading that Neil had an entire double album from that tour ready to be released back in '88 or so, only to cancel it at the last minute with a typical-of-Neil "I've moved on to something else now" reason for doing so.

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