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Montreal Jazz Fest Recommendations


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Managed to catch the Barr Brothers who were absolutely inspiring.

Also caught Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, and Victor Wooten.

They were amazing and did a great job of staying out of eachother's way. Stanley Clarke had a moving solo section on the upright bass.

Funny story: I saw Victor Wooten waiting in line to buy a mango carved in the shape of a flower.

I approached cautiously :

Me: Are you Victor Wooten?

VW: I was an hour ago.

Me: Ohh uhh well that was a great show.

VW: nothing

Me: I too am a bass player.

VW: nothing

Me: Well thank you for the music and welcome back to Montreal.

VW: Ok

Moral of the story : Victor Wooten is really short.

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I'll have you know I am 5'6 and 3/4s and if I do some yoga I scrape 5'7.

"I was an hour ago" ??? that's not very nice. Especially for someone who runs camps about being a spiritual player and meditating yourself into playing 32nd notes incessantly.

Thought he was approachable....guess I am not to get between a man and his floral citrus.

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