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best thing overheard at bluesfest


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we were waiting for walk off the earth to begin. there was a giant gap between the lawnchair people right in front of the soundboard and the next row. invading lawnchair people want to set up a new row in this gap, so they politely ask two people in the row ahead if they were too close, and is it ok if they set up their chairs.

buddy turns around and says, "i don't care. this isn't my chair. i'll be gone when the owners come back."

lawnchair woman and man look at each other, then back at buddy. "this isn't your chair?"

buddy responds, "nope. i'm just relaxing until the owner comes back. then i'm gone."

lawnchair woman, aghast, "you don't even know the person who owns the chair?"

buddy smiles, "nope." and turns around to recommence relaxation.

lawnchair woman is stunned, imagining buddy sitting in HER lawnchair while she goes off to get a pop and a tornado potato... oh the horror!

i love lawnchair anarchy. :dance:

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