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Threat From Outer Space-The Hammer


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Threat From Outer Space will be opening for The Fat Cats:

Saturday, March 27th

@The Pepper Jack Cafe

38 King William, Hamilton



Threat From Outer Space has been recording, performing, and touring together since 1997. They have a cutting edge mix of acoustic and electronic styles called Bomb Beat.

At the music's root are influences of Hip Hop, Dub, Funk, and Jazz. Bomb Beat vamps are characterized by quick funk breaks & tight changes; also the group delves into House and Drum n'Bass styles for extended live sets that frequently stretch beyond two hours.

Besides holding down sold out clubs in their hometown of Vancouver B.C. and crisscrossing the country headlining in several regional and national tours between 2002 and 2004, Threat has opened for Ninja Tune's Cinematic Orchestra, As well, they have shared bills with up and coming talents such as Josh Martinez, C.R. Avery, Kia Kadiri, Blue Quarter, and DJ's Mat the Alien and Kilo Cee.

To add, the group has also had several of its tracks included in film and television. Since 1999, Threat From Outer Space has released three albums independently on their label Concepticon Records. The 2002 release featured the single "Mind Readers" that enjoyed underground play on college radio across the country with its seamless blend of dub, hip hop, funk, and jazz. In 2003 Threat released the new EP "Bomb Beat Music Since 1997".

For updates from Threat From Outer Space and Concepticon Records, check out www.threatfromouterspace.com.

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still kinda scared of Threat from their soundcheck at CTMF ("YO YO YO, WHATTUP, PEACE YO, WHATS UP WITH THIS FUCKIN MIC YO?" really wasn't working with my buzz at all)

but not so much that I'll likely miss a Cats show

in Threat's defense, the band put out some really good jams and grooves... I'll be better prepared this time (not zoomin hard)

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