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  1. If you're in west end there's the Kanata Lakes recreation area. There is about 35km of technical single track there. Its maintained by the Kanata Moutain Bike club - if you google search it, you'll be able to find trail maps n' stuff. Not much for long climbs, but not much for long descents. Its a killer place to cut your teeth on technical stuff.

    Fortune sells tickets for the lifts on weekends and once a week during the evening. Its $5 - $10 for a single ride. About $25 for the day. About $150 - $250 for the season. All this is from memory so take the prices with a grain of salt...

    Most (not all) of the fun technical stuff in the park is off limits to bikes. Too bad they're such pricks in the park.

    There are also phenomenal trails down in the eastern townships if you're into travel.

    And, there are a few private systems around Ottawa. If you ride the usual spots enough you may be lucky enough to hook up witb someone maintaining their own space.

  2. Anyone read any Fritjof Capra (sp?)?

    He writes about system dynamics and evolution.

    I've got this somewhat dark theory that the entire point of humanity to to push the earth into another round of evolutionary mutation.

    Fucking up the earth may just bring about the next big round of life on earth (simultaneously causing our own extinction, of course)...

    Looks like we're doing good work.

  3. Lazlo, I'll take a cookie.

    StnMtn - :-)

    DEM - You missed the MOST stellar jam I've ever participated in. HOLY FACK!!!!!! You'd have shit yourself and so would the rest of us if you'd been there.

    TM - Good idea. Anyone wants a seat on the bus, post your offer - man, that would be funny.

    Happy P - I'll be hangin' in Dundas for a week prior to hitting the road. Let's hook up for a pint.

  4. Sharon,

    You guys are in the US often enough. Don't you DARE sell them to these skanks. Take'em across the border with you and drop by the local biker bar - you'll pay for every trip you do in the us...

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