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  1. thanks as always for recording this Brad you also captured the rob lovers effectively
  2. you will have to pick 'em up in the south end at some point
  3. we shall be hamptoning as well hope to meet up
  4. yeah we did this last year and had a great time...thinking about a repeat as i sit here thinking about the fantastic dinner we had at the pump station nye.
  5. are you still requiring this? it's a pass so as long as i get it back at the end of the night it's yours for two tasty beverages.
  6. soo good...loved the but anyway jam and nyc prophet was dynamite chan still loves to play
  7. yes we missed the first set at petit campus the last time moe. were there due to the early curfew dance bar thingy...yeah it is upstairs. other showtimes at the venue match the moe. showtime so it should be correct this time...the last time it was moe.'s website that had it wrong i believe. even though what i believe may not always be true.
  8. reminds me of the lady beside grabbing my right arm to rock out to vintage trouble when we sat down beside her she told the dude beside her that it smelled like otto's jacket in here i'm so glad neil young played the following saturday
  9. mayhaps he called the cleaners to find out whilst using his iconic falsetto and they thought it was some chick calling instead.
  10. romneys dyed face for univision did romney make himself brown?
  11. 3 songs. their stage director told us how the show would start' date=' how the band would come out and to stay well back because there would be pyrotechnics. but i don't remember any explosions anywhere in the first 3 tunes.[/quote'] moonchild had pyro
  12. really happy to end this fest with mastodon last night liked them a lot. i did find it odd the pit up front was so much more polite than the blue rodeo crowd. hope we get these guys back again...a good ass kicking.
  13. i like the acts i like the grid i don't like the microchip implants but whatchagonnado whatchagonnado
  14. i am interested in some of that there electronica not for the price of a pass though this will be the first year in ten at least i have not purchased a pass. i think there are a good many folks will be speaking with their wallets this year. do you think all the kidlets will make up the shortfall with beer sales...i don't. i just don't see where the extra money rbc put in got spent? i will be there to answer my dumb questions but i won't be buying my way in this year is folk fest going to be insane or something?
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