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A Panel Discussion Featuring

GERRY BARR, Canadian Council for International Co-operation

OVIDE MERCREDI, Assembly of First Nations

DR. DAVID SUZUKI, Scientist & Ecologist

SENATOR LOIS WILSON, former Moderator, United Church of Canada

Thursday, June 14, 7 PM, Ottawa

Crowne Plaza Hotel, 101 Lyon Street (at Queen)

Tickets: $7or $5 (fixed income)


at a conscientious corner near you Octopus Books, Singing Pebble Books, Mother Tongue Books, Mayfair Theatre, Ottawa Folklore Centre, Arbour Environmental Shoppe, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Trailhead, The Body Shop (Glebe & Rideau Cntr), Compact Disc, Mags and Fags


More info: http://www.davidsuzuki.org/climatejustice or 1-800-453-1533

"Climate Justice" will be a provocative panel discussion examining the moral imperative for Canadian action on climate change.

Panelists will explore the inequitable impact on people and ecosystems in the developing world and remote regions of Canada,

the overwhelming responsibility of industrialized countries like Canada for human-induced climate change, the resource disparity

for taking action, and Canada's international tradition of leadership on tough moral issues.

Today, Canada is playing a lead role in a continental plan to boost oil and gas production and consumption, and an increasingly weak role in meeting its international commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

As countries around the world are preparing to meet in Germany at a UN Climate Summit this July, NOW IS THE TIME


A collaborative project of the Assembly of First Nations, Canadian Ecumenical Jubilee Initiative, Canadian Council for International

Co-operation and David Suzuki Foundation.

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WASHINGTON, June 6 — A panel of top American scientists declared today that global warming was a real problem and was getting worse, a conclusion that may lead President Bush to change his stand on the issue as he heads next week to Europe, where the United States is seen as a major source of the air pollution held responsible for climate change.

Will it make a difference?

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Man, it aint like we are going to wipe out any dinosaurs soon...........

What does our generation have to worry about

By then, we will have been takin over by monkeys following a nuclear fall-out so rape and plunder!

Dont you watch movies?

They forsee our future for us so what the heck?

Grahams place aint goin anywhere grin.gif" border="0

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Jeepers man, it has everything to do with it. Arent you paying attention?

There was a quick cure if, when the winner was not around, the loser got a glimpse of a sexually receptive female monkey. His testosterone level promptly rose. It surged even though he had no chance of having sex because he was in a cage looking out at an unobtainable female - the closes scientific approximation of a guy looking at a stripper.

(John Tierney, The New York Times, November 9, 1998).

This ether is getting to me......

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"He had the craziest gang in the West. LSD-25 was legal in those days, and Kesey's people were seriously whooping it up. It was a whole new world. "Do it now" was the motto, and anything not naked was wrong. The best minds of our generation somehow converged on La Honda, and Ken Kesey had room for them all. His hillside ranch in the canyon became the world capital of madness. There were no rules, fear was unknown, and sleep was out of the question. "

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but what about the looming energy crisis?

I think Bush HAS to increase carbon dioxide emissions from power plants.......

Global warming and other so-called greenhouse gases are directly related to human activity: methane, ozone, nitrous oxide and chlorofluorocarbons.

And the cold June we are experiencing now?

By 2100, temperatures are expected to increase between 2.5 degrees and 10.4 degrees above those of 1990.

Which is great for us, we can got to Grums or to the Come Together Festival and not have to worry if it will be cold.

Our children and great grandchildren will be thanking us..... wink.gif" border="0

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