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Well what would you expect... with a big brother you likes to wear dresses, running around hugging everyone & telling them how much he loves them... that would warp anyones perception of straight or gay... In fact isn't it true (that's the rumor) that the character of "Pat" was secretly stolen from Mike's childhood journal.

For example here's an excerpt:

" Tuesday July 18th, 1987

I like to play guitar... In other news DO I HAVE A FUCKING BROTHER OR A SISTER?.. WHY THE FUCK IS THIS SO HARD TO FIGURE OUT?... Take today for instance, He/She came home and I noticed an inordinate amount of facial hair so I figured, ok I have a brother. But then he procedes to go down into his room throw on a dress, come out, throw his arms around Dave Barret, tell him how much he loves him, give him a big sloppy kiss on the cheek, run upstairs yelling 'OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD MYRNA DO I HAVE A STORY FOR YOU', begin dancing a jig or something, fall down crying because he/she's fucked up his/her knee again, talk about how good a movie 'Dirty Dancing' was and how fucking cool Patrick Swayze is...(sigh)FUCK THIS! I am going to my room and play Nintendo, cause I like to play video games." shocked.gif" border="0

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