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no more reading Trey reviews for me


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I cant stand what I have read this morning.

There is way too much complaining but at least a couple of fans are trying to open up some eyes and ears..........dont waste your time reading those reviews......go to the philzone if you want to read something more positive....

I definitely mind whoever it was down near the front who was passing out stickers that said "Trey is Gay-Same Set Every Day".

For those who complain so much, is there someone or something that is making you go on tour? I find alot of young kids "playing hippy" quite amusing, they're far from "hip" the root meaning of the word "hippy". They chug down venue beers at $7.50 a pop and chain smoke cigarettes (supporting two of the giant corporate industries they claim to disdain, all the while making the giant corparates rich and slowly killing their self in the process ) while virtually ignoring the musical magic taking

place in front of them.

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Well, I haven't read any. But it is awfully funny if what you are suggesting is going on. I guess everyone thinks that they're going to see phish or the grateful dead.

Reading about how cool it is to go on tour and fantasizing about it for so many years might get you down when you decide to follow Trey's ensemble around, now that you can get into a PG-13 movie by yourself.

Trey put in a lot of hard work (which from what I hear is not hard work for him) with this group. He's put together all of the music the way he hears it, and I'm sure he wants as many people as he can get to hear it live, as it's meant to be.

So he plays one night to a sold out crowd. What good is it if the next night, if the crowd is primarily all of the same people that were there the night before? People are just wasting the sound waves by not letting someone new slide into the next show to capture them with their ear cavities.

It's NOT Phish. It's not Phil and Friends. It's bloody Trey. If it's not what you've expected, then move on and stop complainin'.

Go see Phil. Wait don't. I don't want to hear complainers complaining about Phil either.

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I don't really understand touring the new Trey shows myself, but all the power to the people that want to...I could dig catching a show here or there. It doesn't seem like the shows are designed for touring though (like Phil & SCI). Maybe he's trying to dissuade that. Probably not...sell as many tickets as possible, that's probably the real motive. Look at all those massive venues out East. Seriously. He doesn't want to go out on tour after Phish breaking up, and not sell a LOT of tickets...he'd look like an idiot to all the promotors, venue bookies, etc. It's also a pride thing I'm sure. I think Trey want's all the kids (tour rats and 1st timers) to come to his shows. What the hell does he care?...pay your ticket $$, and see his show. If it wasn't worth the price, then don't fucking see another one. It's simple really.

From what I've heard the Trey scene isn't very hippy-like at all. cool.gif" border="0 It's a different crowd for him, thank god. So if you want to talk yoga, or the environment, and buy patchouli and tye-die being sold to support a hedonistic habit (or three), then hit SCI or Phil, not Trey.

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