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This should be good


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Classical version of Radiohead's 'OK Computer' being prepped

Maybe they'll have to retitle the project "OK Conductor."

Composer Eric Gorfain is preparing a classical version of Radiohead's 1997 album "OK Computer," according to the website for his recording studio, Quietstreet (www.quietstreet.com).

The project, which is to be released by Vitamin Records, will remake the entire "OK Computer" album for a string quartet, displaying a classical take on such songs as "Paranoid Android," "Karma Police" and "Lucky."

Gorfain has worked as an accompanist and string arranger for Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart, Sinead O'Connor and Christina Aguilera. He is also working on a five-song string tribute to Tool and an album of Led Zeppelin numbers.

The site said Gorfain has also worked on an album of Enya songs and did three tunes for an upcoming tribute album dedicated to Bjork.

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Bjork as in the freak - beautiful, ugly, beautiful, ugly - she can't make up her mind - beautiful melodic music, harsh screachy music, etc...

sugar cubes rocked though!

what i liked most was the referal to an album of "led zepplin numbers" ... numbers - that's cute. sounds like tony bennet was singing them...

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