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Episode II...


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It was sweet. BnB played a great show, even though most of the audience was quite lame. Its funny, all the people I would normally call "dance music" lovers weren't dancing. Instead they sat around like a bunch or baseball fans on chairs just watching BnB. I guess they are too shy to dance unless its to their favorite hit off of MuchMusic. wink.gif" border="0

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Wolfe island was a lot of fun. Just getting there via ferry or Andy's boat was a great way to enjoy the sunshine, and some drinks in the sun. We had a little music war waiting for the ferry. It didn't last long. The putzes with the radio shit turned it off or down, I forget which.

BnB was really fun. Rockford files is a cool cover. Jet Airliner was their encore that came out after about 8-10 people chanted for more. Funkin Shoes was a blast. That tune gets some insane dancin happenin.

As small as the crowd was, there was plenty of people dancing and having a good time. I have a couple of shots to post. We missed the Hip guys the night before, and Dan Ackroyd's blues performance, but that wasn't what I was on the island for.

Nero would have fit in well there. There was also a barn set up with DJ's, and not the Stages kind. A set of lights illuminated the interior of the barn, but it was never really packed.

I had a little jam with a wicked Harp player, and he recorded it with his little recording device. We were hoping to start up an open jam in the field, but we couldn't really find anybody.

That's all I can think of for now.

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