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Boston eh Northern Wish?

We must make a date for the next run of PLQ (phil&friends) shows there. That city has been at the top of my Wish List for awhile concerning the PLQ. My one and only visit was 'oh so good'!

They always do a number of shows there. I was hoping for a nice run this spring but it was not to be......

My valentine aint here, so I made my valentine beer!

hello Mrs Sleemen Cream Ale.

(ok, no creamy semen jokes people, enough said!)

Oh yeah, it has to be the Orpheum too.

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Velvet, I don't know if they'll have seating at this show. Did they have reserved tix? I haven't picked mine up yet, but will be doing so very soon. You bringing that Three Toed Sloth downstairs along for the ride?

Alan, they're at www.admission.com They come out to about 40 bux after taxes. Considering Higher Ground is charging 35 US for the same show and there's no New Deal opening listed on the website, that's a steal of a deal.

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