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Any Pink Floyd fans out there...?


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I am a huge Floyd fan too. I've been listening to them for a long time. Saw them on their Division Bell tour in Detroit. It was like 3 hours on a different planet.

I have a wicked video from Dreamx:


If you're into synchronicity, then this is a treat. It has Ummagumma - 2001: A Space Oddysey, Planet of the Apes - Division Bell. Quite degenerated but one of the tripppiest things ever! I also have a custom synchro video I did. It is PF set to abstract National Film Board of Canada animations.

Do you have any good Floyd shows? How about some of the BBC stuff. I don;'t have high speed.


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DSO and Comfortably Numb are on TOTALLY different levels.

I have seen both and I would take the worst DSO show on tape before I would take the best Comfortably Numb show on tape any day.


PS: i LOVE Floyd

but if you have the space and time, tape the band. That is a golden rule. You never know who might want it.

It might be you........

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