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who is a much neglected musical hero..


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Mike Patton, thats who. Is there a cooler front man for a rockband? Maybe Jello Biafra? I dont think so. I remember seeing footage of faith no more at a festival in EUrope and Patton eating all kinds of sandwiches people were throwing on stage. what a showman! drenching himself in his own urine.. Mr Bungle is a huge influence to a lot of the touring jambands. (example 1- estradasphere), and I can forgive faith no More for spawning the entire rap-metal horror show we've been suffering from for the last 4 years. But they deserve props for inventing it. I really want to see Fantomas too.

anyway, heres the article that reminded me..

Mike Patton

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I think Joe Mama and Jomamma should tour together! They can be billed as The Joemammas! It'll be the best of both worlds. We can party to Jomamma and then, during Joe Mama, we can pick up on all the 45 year old women in their painted on acid washed pants with the zippers that go up the side of the leg at the bottom.

Let's end this rift between the jo bands and start the fun! We need Joe Mama at G Town!

That is all.


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I was lucky enough to see the show in October here in Van. It was awesome! Here's the review:

Fantomas - Vancouver, B.C - Starfish room - October 17th '98

Thanks to your site (straight.com) I got a chance to see the fantomas tonight, I periodically check it to see if there is any news I was caught completely off guard when I saw that they were coming to Vancouver. I immediately called the Starfish room to see when tickets went on sale and purchased them accordingly. Anyways, I go down to the club thinking that there would be hardly anyone there and find out that it has been sold out for awhile and that there is a ton of people there.

After a long wait in line I got in, the club is on the smallish side, but a great place to see a live show. The stage was really close to the crowd, after buying a drink the opening band (The Smoking Frogs) started, they were okay nothing remarkable though. I was standing right beside the stage as there was a ledge dividing the floor from it. After the band finished and took their gear Buzz came out and started tuning up, then Mike came out and was setting up right in front of me about two or three feet away.

The band started shortly thereafter, the sound was incredible. It was so weird having all of these guys a few feet away from me. Every one of them was on point, they were tight, I must say that reading past reviews jaded me so I expected Dave Lombardo to be incredible, he was amazing he really has to be seen to be believed.

Mike served as the maestro to the cacophonous wall of sound, like he was conducting an orchestra. I knew what I was getting into when went but I was unsure how the rest of the people were going to react to it. I was fairly surprised that every one seemed to be into except for the few obligatory idiots who would call out insults during the song breaks. Even Mike was surprised, at one point he quipped Astop it we are not use to this, everybody say boo. Ah that’s better that’s we are used to.

They finished there set and said there thank yous and left the stage, the crowd was pretty confused but they started cheering and the boys came back out for an encore a ‘Chariot choogle’ which was far and away the most accessible and comprehensible song they played. After the encore they said thanks once again and left.

However the stage lights stayed on for awhile eventually the roadies came up and started dismantling everything, I stayed put knowing full well that Patton would come back out because he left his jacket where I was standing, eventually he did. Some of the people beside called and congratulated him the show to which he seemed quite thankful, I called him and he stopped putting his stuff in his bag and looked over I asked him if they were going to put Chariot Choogle on the album. He seemed quite surprised that anyone would know of it already said that he didn’t think they were going to and didn’t know if they could. Then I asked him if it was only going to be on the Marc Bolan album he said ya I think so.

He finished packing up and went backstage with the rest of the group. I decided to leave, but as I was walking to the car I decided to go around the back of the club just to see if there any possibility of seeing them out there. A couple people were back there already, after about 5 minutes Buzz came out and just stood around swinging his backpack, everyone started talking to him and he seemed pretty laid back about it. He told us that they had just finished the album on Friday in San Francisco and that he was really pleased with it.

After about 10 or 15 minutes of BSing with him Dave came out. He was super nice too, everyone seemed really down to earth. Dave drove his own truck up and went and grabbed it and started loading his own kit into it, then Patton came out. You have understand how surreal all of this was to me, there I was standing and talking to Buzz and Dave, Mike and the roadies were loading his truck and the band van up. After loading everything up every one wanted to talk to Mike, he seemed the most reserved of them all but was also the main attraction for all of the people waiting back there. He was really accommodating considering the circumstances; he took a few pictures and talked to some people before walking for the van. I walked up to him right before he got in, I shook his hand and told him that I respected him and whatever, I apologized for being intrusive and he basically said that it comes with the territory and that he didn’t mind. I told him that I share his interest in Futurist literature and he was like really? Good I am glad to hear it but the way he said wasn’t condescending.

I must say I really impressed with everything tonight, especially how down to earth and engaging the guys were given how tired they were and that they were driving back down to Seattle right away. All in all a pretty good night.

*** Thanks to: Mr. RotteN

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