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If one were to scour....


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You're dining @ big daddy's and eating the steak? ha ha! thats sacreligious!

Hit the oysters - (they are sooooo gooooood) and then the snow crab ! (or the boil with both crabs, muscles, and crawfish - garlic potatoes and corn on the cob, comes in a big roasting pan) oh my, im drooling already!

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It means

Saturday March 23, 2002


with special guest Stairwell K

Homestyle's eclectic, and adventurous exploration of jazz roots, combined with heavy funk overtones make every performance undeniably soulful and funky, all the while tipping their collective hats to the freedom explored by musicians such as Eddie Harris, Miles Davis and Cannonball Adderley . Every show is a show not to be missed. Homestyle's first show since the nero Christmas bash.

The Bayou 1071 Bank St.

10pm $6

I will be in Montreal on Sunday for HH an TND

Hopefully some people are staying in Ottawa for Saturday and will hit the Bayou with me

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