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Nero 3/31 Taped?


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No soundboard, that sucks, we are gonna have to call the real deal in. Stink wallet or Cheese cake, to show this bar how they can really packit.

Ya, that last recording sounds great because it was using JP's mics. Me and berg only have the stealth mics. But the real problem is the crowd noise.

But yes, well tape this show for sure, and it will be up on the jamhub for downloadskis soon thereafter.

BTW: Set 2 of the 2002-02-16 will be up soon too.

Thats www.jamhub.ca for those who havent heard yet. Oh ya.

What about the TASCAM? Is nero gonna get a SBD? Or is it the same deal, if you guys want to plug your TASCAM in , you gotta pay $300.

But ya, velvets right, these guys are babies, they need baby steps before they find out what the real deal is

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