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(I am awaiting my frist question to be answered)

But here is one where the reply made me think of the Passed Out Guy (or Indika):

What position did you play with the dead's softball team, phil?

Phil_Lesh_Live says: (laughs!)

Phil_Lesh_Live says: Let's see, how can I describe this?... Bench warmer.

To thine own self be true, thou cannot then be false to anyone.

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JbOogz_ONLY_wIfEy in Onstage_1 asks: Hi Phil, how many instrumnets do you play?

Phil_Lesh_Live says: I don't really play anything, but I fool around with guitar, keyboard


I have no intelligent questions. I may go find a winning question off of the internet.

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PoG, you are on the bench because we have a beer cooler that can hold 100 beers, but there are only 92 left......AND THE GAME HASNT EVEN STARTED YET!

(Ok, so you arent totally drunk, but you certainly cant even play first base having drank 8 Sleeman's Cream Ales)

Thanks Treyter, shes a tough one. The Habs have been playing playoff hockey for so long, they are dead tired.......They can play for a period or two here and there, but not for 60 minutes.

All hope is not lost yet. Think NHL94 for the Super Nintendo.

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