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I just got a call from Chris to warn all those with of you with messanger DO NOT accept any files from Treyter(chris Hood) or Stapes. they have been hit with a virus.

They are ontop of things and should have it worked out soon.

If it has all ready been passed on to you go to google and look up


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So did it do anything besides try and pass itself on?

On another note....if you are running a windows XP with a 'non-official' key, don't bother trying to install SP1. It won't work.

Right click on My Computer and click on properties....if your key looks like one of these...



you're pooched...for now.

Also, there is a problem with MSN messenger as well, that you can only fix with the update, as far as I know...

(from ]www.iexbeta.com)

"A serious flaw has been recently reported by The Register, which allows XP Help Center to wipe all of your hard drive contents, without notice !

Although reported as early as June 25 to Microsoft, it has not been announced publicly yet as a critical flaw, though it qualifies as such. Microsoft rather silently decided to include the fix in SP1.

Because one simple link, using the "hcp://" prefix that refers to Help Center, allows it to delete your stuff, it is to be considered as one of the most critical flaws even encountered in XP, as any link in any webpage, IRC channel or e-mail could do the trick. No wonder MS has silently discarded the problem..."

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hahaha funny shit Jaimoe [smile]

i'll let that one slide this time just because of your kick-ass song at the wedding [smile] well done.

The Conway (i knew you wouldn't show)....yikes...as if the nasty hooker and john scene wasn't enough, some jackass who worked there actually thought he could try to get us to shutup??? even though we had all of the rooms within earshot (and more).

other than that? goodtimes, goodtimes [smile] i think everyone was a litttle toasted, it got a bit out of hand when stapes and pablo tried to make some love with the aid of a gallon of shaving cream, but hey, that's the type of shit we live for around here [smile]

how'd it go for you?

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I was in for the Conway, but my company wasn't. Vicki and I ended up going to the Golden Nugget ( for a laugh ) for last call. I can't believe we made it out of there alive. It's now a biker bar. That ain't fun. Vicki said: " What are you worried about Dave? Not all bikers are criminals and dangerous. There are good, non-criminal bike gangs too ya know". It should be noted that the bikers at the Nugget wore jackets that read: " Outlaws " and " Banditos ". After I showed Vicki that the bikers wore " colours ", and after she witnessed a biker break a pool cue in half, we moseyed our asses out the door. I was even slightly accosted in the bathroom by a Bandito member. I wouldn't shed a tear if every bike club member was lined up and shot.

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