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New Heads Tale Promo Trailer!!!

Greg Hemmings

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Hey I think that's me. No wait, I'm taller.

[big Grin]

Seriously, what an ass. It's pretty funny that the reason he was doing that was to be caught on tape, and he was. Now everyone can see what a obnoxious prick he was being.

He got what he wanted, Goes to show, you should be careful what you wish for.


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the funny thing is, is that he didnt even know he was being taped..Tidby was filming him form the rafters as we were taping the slip..tidby was under an influence so unfortunately 20 minutes of his angel of the slip was of this guy..but i cant be too disappointed cuz it makes me laugh everytime I see it! he he. Ill keep em coming as i go through the footage.

Bouche, Mrs Hux, Christa and all you other fine folk..I missed you at evolve! I hope i captured it well enough for you to feel like you were there!!!!!


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