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Spincycle in Ottawa


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Damn that was a good show.

I really enjoyed Spincycle on Saturday night.

They really pulled off some great jams when the hit the jam segment. I'm sure I sweated up my nero shirt. I'm also glad that bradm didn't where HIS nero shirt too. We would have looked like same-clothes-wearing putzes.

Anyway...I took a couple of pics. Nothing too special, cause the lighting at Babylon is pretty sucky for no-flash pictures in general.

Spincycle photos

I also made this image and thought it looked cool as a wallpaper, so I've uploaded it.


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I am so glad I went to check Spincycle out. I went expecting the BNB funk sound and only caught pieces of funk, but it wasn't disappointing in the least. In place of the funk were really great songs that I can't wait to become familiar with.

The show began to get pretty jammy once they busted out the Sinead O'Connor. (I am not sure of the name of the song..could be "Emporer's New Clothes" or "I Really Don't Think So").

The only disappointing part of the evening would be the lack of people there. I understand Babylon is a big venue but it was a Saturday. What made all the LowTide supporters leave? I don't think Spincycle was promoted very well. Thank goodness Dave-O posted that it was happening or I wouldn't have even known about it. Any other theories?

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I'd call the show good but not great. The songwriting was good, the guitar playing was very good, and once the jam got happening (especially into/through "First Tube") the fun-factor went up considerably. I'm hoping to see them again, to see how they progress.

I actually like Lowtide. They write good songs (which are usually well-structured, not just bar-band three-chord wonders), play very well, and had some jamming about halfway through their set that was great fun. From what I recall of their set at Dekcuf back a while ago, they don't vary things too much, but not every band is a jam-band.

Their audience, however, leaves something to be desired. More precisely, they leave, and what's desired is, well, them. If Lowtide could/would headline, it would be great for them and whoever opened for them. I guess their audience heads off to other places (dance clubs? home?) for the rest of the night. I give them points for supporting "their" band, but I wish they'd be willing to at least give the other band a chance (which some of them did, I think).



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