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Acoustic Cats


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a Dundasian told me last night that this show'll be from 8-11... its usually 10-1 at the Winch but wednesdays are "customer appreciation day" or something... we should contact the bar to figure this out so we're not all walkin in for the encore...

Winchester Arms

120 King Street West

Dundas, Ontario


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Originally posted by Esau13:

Just use the "Aww come on its Acoustic cats and its Christmas time" ploy.

If you don't go tonight I won't let ya in on saturday hows that?

Flexin' some muscle

Iron Mike Sharp
[big Grin]


I'm sorry sir.

I didn't make it last night.

How about this for a compromise?

I go to the Fatties on Saturday and at setbreak you take me around back and beat the hell out of me for a half-hour.

I'm sorry I crossed you, sir.

You are very handsome.


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You are very handsome.

Have you been drinking this morning?

We got there last night at nine and it was set break,home by 12.Odd.

I even phoned the bar in the daytime and they said not til 9,I think they didn't want all the Cats fans there during customer apprecation night?

The Cats were great and even got a Jingle Bells!First for me!

The bar gets my boo of the week so far! [Confused] The show gets a Woo-hoo


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