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Question of the Day - 12/22/02


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So it's the Holidays - a time of excitement and release, but also a time where we can sit back, relax and be totally honest about the past year. i really hope this isn't too strange a question of the day, but if you can be frank, you might really like this one. interpret it however you want...it's pretty vague.

What was your most successful emotional conquest??

Mine's music. i always used to play guitar whenever things were getting me down in highschool(which was pretty often, being constantly bored and shy destroyed a lot of my sanity whenever i had time to myself) and i never really took music as seriously as i could. I don't know what it was but i realized that i was expressive. Ever since about the first year of college, when i've been able to center myself, making music has been able to be a complete meditative action and it's helped me get in touch with a feeling of self-worth i never had before.

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mine would be music, as well, but instead of playing, its listening.

i've never taken to any instruments, always enjoyed listening to music.

when i'm stressed, upset, worn out, or just about anything else, music is usually the answer.

lately it has been the grateful dead. passing emotions back and forth with jerry is an amazing experience. i'd have never thought, from beyond the grave, someone could still be so emotionally powerful.


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