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i am a peddler of death!!!!

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I can see it now...the skies darken, the clouds gather, thunder and lightning fill the sky...dimafleck, enlarged to garganuan proportions, rises up and bellows...

"Now I am become death, the destroyer of chickens!"

Nah, maybe not...



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Damn man, I feel your pain. I worked in the meat dept. at Thrify Foods on Saltspring Island when I was a kid. It was deeply disturbing and disgusting. Worst was cleaning the pork-carnage off the bandsaw of death. YUCK!

I hope you can find something new, for your own sanity's sake!! :)

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I actually have alot of respect for what you're doing, of course it's a tough job and not for the faint of heart but if you have a thorough knowledge of what you sell and how best to prepare it you'll win people's hearts almost as much as a gay hairdresser wins housewives. And if I trust your opinion I'll happily throw down for some organic free range filet mignon (last I checked it was $27 a kilo).

And please extoll the virtues of boiled brisket dinner for all involved in your work!

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