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James Brown.....?¿?¿


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[color:"blue"] so james brown on june 5th @ the molson amphitheatre in toronto...i missed out on bonaroo when he was there but i hear that he has quite the trouble getting across the boarder and that i shouldnt get my hopes up.... whadda ya think?¿

and would there be full refunds if the show didnt end up happening?? [color:"blue"]

peace, nellie [color:"blue"]

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grrrrrrrrrrrrr.............. james brown is becoming like a fricken polkaroo for this girl.

actually pink, i found out last night...... are my lemons tight? because i'll be dancing in the show that night. ::

perhaps, if by some fricken miracle, all 3 of the numbers i'm in are before the 1st intermission, maybe i can haul ass down there to catch some of the show... i'll see! as soon as i find out the performance schedule you'll be the first to know.. i may get a ticket anyway, if it ends up i can't go, oooooh, big whoopity ten bucks gone. :)

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awesome, thank colleen for me! hopefully i can still make it (or part of it, or something). :)

eric, would he be like the fricken polkaroo if i caught him at lulu's? ;) hahaha. sorry. kidding & bitter, don't mind me. :D

i've never actually been inside lulu's before, i kinda wish it was still open, legendary place for shows from what the folks around here say!

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