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Wassabi Collective??


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Not sure if this information was passed along, but if it was, I'll pass it along again.

The Wassabi Collective did break up (for like a week i guess) but they are back with a new drummer. I'm going to have the pleasure of witnessing their new sound this Saturday here in Calgary.

Good news for those that care.


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Jimmer says:

were hitting wassabi up saturday night at the point, I know how you like those guys

Jimmer says:

they got a new fully clothed drummer now

Houstonian says:

i thought they broke up

Jimmer says:

until they got a new drummer i guess

you know houstonian? you're not another chatham transplant are ya?

and that is too bad bout the drummer - the old dude was crazy high energy. used to watch him and the cute french guy drum it up together on the street corner in victoria after the bars let out... those were fun times.

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I am houstonian.

buahhahahahhhaha. This whole time. it was me. I had you all fooled!

backbackon. get on out here man. the only show I know of worth getting this far for is the dead and allmans but if there are no shows we could just hang out in the mountains and talk of memories past.

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