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After hearing he was coming to CTMF, I decided to check out his website to see what he's all about... Wow! I might end up going to CTMF plus a couple of his local shows after seeing/hearing what he does! Check out http://that1guy.com/ and check out his video page. "One" is absolutely amazing (getting constant rotation around my house since I first saw it), and the news clip below it shows the variety of styles of music we can expect at CTMF. His Canadian dates are:

5/22 Come Together Music Festival

5/23 London ONT - Elements

5/25 Guelph ONT - Trasheteria

5/26 Peterborgh ONT - Thrasheteria

5/28 Hamilton ONT - Pepper Jacks

CTMF, Guelph and possibly Peterborough for me... Who knows, I might make it to London as well... That 1 Guy opened up for Drums & Tuba for a whole tour in the States, and if you like them you should check him out. His album's called Songs In The Key Of Beotch, which is hilarious as well... The Sloth described the vocals as Zappa-ish, but it's all about the Magic Pipe... Check him out, you'll be intrigued if nothing else...

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This May's Come Together Music Fest is getting more exciting as it draws closer. That One Guy definitely interests and intrigues me. Another band I'm pretty excited to hear that I've never heard before is The New Shady Groove. I recently got a copy of "the new shady groove EP" and I am impressed.

May long weekend at Izzy's ... oh ya!!!

Peace, Mark

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