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Firewalling with Bit Torrent - tips needed


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So I've just re-formated due to severe virus damage as a result of switching to XP. What I'd like to set up now is a way to firewall and still download like I used to. I'd also love to know how all you skanks stay safe out there above and beyond. I know now that Outlook is horrible and never to use it. Any other tips?

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"So I've just re-formated due to severe virus damage as a result of switching to XP."

bwhahahahahahahahahah x 1000000

sorry. i couldn't resist.

Anyways, are you going to use the crappy xp firewall (or attemp to), or are you installing a real firewall, either software or router?

opening ports is easy.

*anyone who is running XP, or considering running XP, please, keep all your updates updated....*

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it doesn't matter what you're using. You have to always keep up to date. Up-to-date also means moving out of 1998 and into 2004 with the latest in operating systems like windows xp.

If you want to stay clean, follow these best practices...

- Use a D-link or Linksys router to manage your internet connection.

- Let windows xp download updates and inform you automatically

- Install the Google bar and activate the pop-up blocker


- Don't download any apps from peer-to-peer networks. only use newsgroups/IRC and stay in the warez channels. www.nfonews.com can point you to some of the frequent app locations.

- If you use outlook, disable the preview pane.

- Don't open any attachments unless they are pictures. I don't even trust flash anymore.

I haven't had a virus in about 2 years following this method. I haven't read any of this anywhere. It's just the way my computing practices have evolved. My computer never crashes, except when my HD recently disappeared.

Having decent computer components like an ASUS motherboard and decent RAM for instance can also be a factor on your computer's stability.

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