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HUGE show in Kitchener/Waterloo on May 6!!!


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(of Burt Neilson Band Fame)


Thursday, May 6th

The Lancaster Tavern (Upstairs)

574 Lancaster Street West

(519) 743.4331

For Immediate Release

Kitchener Is Invaded By An Amazing Triple Bill of Live Music

Tuesday, April 26th 2004:

On Thursday, May 6th, The Lancaster Tavern will play host to an eclectic and exciting triple bill featuring Toronto’s live house exports CONTACT, Mike Filipowitsch, Jeremy Little and friends from BURT NEILSON BAND fame and Kitchener’s own rock quartet, SAMSARA.

With CONTACT, welcome to the era of advanced house-rock. Fusing the energy of rock, dub, break-beat, and house music into improvised live and recorded performances, CONTACT is a band on the cusp of an emerging genre of music, assailing bored dance floors with irresistible beats and unforgettable hooks that will keep your body moving well into the night.

MIKE FILIPOWITSCH is the lead guitarist and vocalist while JEREMY LITTLE is the bassist in Canada’s cult phenom quartet, THE BURT NEILSON BAND. Together with original BURT NEILSON members SCOTT FARMER and LOWELL BINSTOCK, the quartet create come together to create hard driving eclectic rock mixed with clever improvisation, mind numbing harmonies and ear pouncing rhythms. Originally known as SPINCYCLE, Mike, Jeremy and Friends will hit you with heartfelt originals, older fan favourites and the odd cover to bring a fresh and exciting spin to the world of eclectic rock and roll.

Kitchener’s own SAMSARA’s unique sound consists of soulful melodies, rock and blues guitar, decades old bass lines and an array of complex shuffle beats. The four musicians that make-up SAMSARA knows their instruments well. They embed their love of music through a wide range of emotions, which can be felt in their songs. SAMSARA feeds off their creativity and love of music, and the fantastic songs that come out of that love.

The show is 19+, with doors at 9PM and a $6 cover.

For more information on the bands, please visit www.contacttheband.ca, www.burtneilson.com, www.samsara.cd or www.shainhousebooking.com

Presented by SHAINHOUSE BOOKING. For more information or press requests, contact Shain Shapiro at 905-522-8391 or shain@shainhousebooking.com

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Hey Shain,

Sounds good, I'm going to try to make it to this show for sure. I heard some of the Contact cd a month or so ago and thought it sounded really good. And I know people have been impressed with them.

Just curious, what happened to The New Shady Groove? I thought they were on the bill? And how about Six Foot Groove? They were also originally on the bill. Are they now officially disbanded, or are they just taking a break and regrouping? Samsara ... I'm pretty sure that some of their members used to be in Six Foot Groove ...

Not to forget Mike/Jeremy & friends - that will be a treat I'm sure.

And a friendly reminder about two other upcoming shows at the Lanc that will be a lot of fun:

Sat. May 8 Rose Garland & Harvard Mouse

Fri. May 14 Diesel Dog & Jomomma

Hurray - lots of local stuff for us KW music-heads in the next few weeks.

Peace, Mark

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i heard 6 ft. groove broke up not long ago... they were originally on the bill with Contact for their May 8th show in London, but Mike and Jeremy will be playing that nite as well, instead. never seen 6 ft. groove so i dont know what i'll be missing, but the former Spincycle should be a nice treat. always heard good things about the stuff they've been doin outside of Burt.

and yes, do see Contact. they're mind numbingly good. ;)

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Here are the answers to your questions. Yes, both bands you mentioned were originally on the bill. Six Foot Groove has oficially and immediately disbanded, cancelling their upcoming shows in the wake of the disbandment. On top of that, New Shady Groove could not be a part of the show because of another scheduled commitment. Therefore we got this triple bill going. It'll be fun, 3 great bands!

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