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Just got back form NOLA Jazzfest...


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What a great time. Here's who I saw...

Sunday 4/25

Big Sam's Funky Nation

Papa Grows Funk

Monday 4/26

Instruments a comin' 2004

Rebirth Brass Band

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band


Wild Magnolias

Donald Harrison

Eric Lindell

Cyril Neville & The Uptown Allstars

Ivan Neville

Tuesday 4/27

Dirty Dozen Brass Band

Brian Stoltz

Wednesday 4/28


George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic

Thursday 4/29

Boom Boom Boogaloo III


Stanton Moore

Lil Rascals Brass Band

Donald Harrison

Will Bernard

Robert Walter (solo)

Robert Mercurio

The Frequinox

Karl Denson's Tiny Universe

Friday 4/29



Keller Williams


Saturday 4/30

Anders Osbourne

Funky Meters


Just got home at 3am last night, back to work at 8am this morning.

I need another vacation to recuperate from this one.

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Wow man Killer run! That's one festival I've always wanted to do, so much wicked stuff...

How'd you enjoy the Dirty Dozen Brass Band? I've been listening to them a lot lately, "Buck Jump" is a great album. I remember seeing them at the Comfort Zone one time, I love how the Tuba lays down these heavy bass lines.

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Trevor, DDBB was great. I saw them at a free in store at virgin records. No Tuba as far as I know, what you're hearing laying down the bass is a sousaphone. I recommend you check out the album 'Medicated Magic', it's one of my favs.

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okay it looks like another musical mixup.

a sousaphone is a big tuba that wraps around you.

it's a big tuba that has more mass...i think it's a more pure low tone if your'e going to get picky about it. a sousaphone is made more for marching bands and directing the sound forwards.

so yes, it's a tuba, but no it's a sousaphone.

it doens't really matter. DDBB is awesome.

sad to hear about the missing funky tuba.

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That IS a sick lineup. I'm GREEN with envy, this is the first year that I have missed and it sounds incredibe, once again proving my point that WORKING IS FOR SUCKERS!!!!!

How is Spearhead live? I am thinking bout going to Hornings Hideout for Spearhead, SCI, YMSB, Kellar and STS9- mostly for the Spearhead,

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