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I get it radio play you my friend are a very witty son of a bitch- and manly to boot. What tools, I heard at their show at the Brass Taps at UGuelph they ushered them off the stage after the show like rockstars- fucking annoying twats. Why not deal with the throng of adoring college aged female fans yourself or do you not want to get tossed around (in the bad sense). Funny thing is Melissa's friend Bill from university is the drummer in that band and I gather even he was being a pompous prick to them, or just slightly snubbed them but still you're in fucking Pilate and no one will no who you are in a year best not to burn too many bridges.

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Pilate - is that the band with the annoying FM radio hit, goes "If I traded it all.... blah blah blah... for just one thing? wouldn't that be something?", acoustic guitar based, sounds like Extreme, but much, much worse?

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