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Los Lonely Boys @ The Horseshoe Tavern Wed. May 12


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I heard their song "Heaven" last summer on PBS radio driving through Maine, and it stuck in my head for about 4 months until I found the disc being offered on Amazon.

I have rarely had a tune stuck in my head like that one, I didn't know who it was for a while, and then for a longer while didn't know what it was called.

I love the cd, kind of Los Lobos meets Stevie Ray Vaughn.

I really wish I was back home for shows like these!

Go see them, they are opening for Willie and the Allmans all summer and the next time in TO it won't be at the Horseshoe.


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I've seen them twice before at the past two Farm Aids (due to Willie Nelson's love for the band) and they were very entertaining. They have a certain showmanship that is not often seen now a days. You can tell they are influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughan not only by their musical stylings but their stage presence as well.

I don't know if I can make it, but wish I could be there. It will be a fun gig.

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I'll definitely go check these guys in Ottawa. I heard that song "heaven" on the radio. At first it really appealed to my guilty pleasure side and then some really tasty guitar came in and I started to ask myself what this music could be??? I was afterall listening to chez 106, just about the last place I'd expect to be introduced to new music ::

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