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Grand Theft Bus & e4: Evolve Film Toronto May 15

Jay Funk Dawg

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[color:"blue"] G R A N D T H E F T B U S * L I V E * I N * T O R O N T O


Saturday, May 15, Grand Theft Bus (EXPERIMENTAL GROOVEJAZZ)

and e4: Evolve Concert Film Toronto Premiere

El Mocambo, College/Spadina , $8 , Movie starts at 10:00 PM - 2 SETS


Farmhouse Productiions

Grand Theft Bus

Movie starts early so get there! At the request of GTB, we're also going to be screening a short film called "Big Vern's Little Bike Adventure" : A critical look at the pros and cons of very little bicycles…

window_bike1.jpgCheck it out here...

They boys are heading into a very busy summer, with lots of Western and Eastern Tour Dates, this might be the last time to check them out in TORONTO for a long time....

The New Albm will be out soon, it's entitled "Files in the No Fly" and is a healthy evolution of the band, an array of experimental rock songs, focused on melody and texture. The band truly believes they have grown musically and with this album can offer something very accessible yet interesting and a bit off the wall.

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Sorry, we already did the EVOLVE Screening in Hamilton with NERO a couple of months back... We've been waiting to get our momentum before he hit the big smoke... I'm very excited... i think it's going to be a blast....

Has anyone checked out the Big Vern's Little Bike Adventure yet... ? it's pretty cool if you ask me...

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I'm going to show some of the film between sets, so that The Evolve Fillm gets out a little more exposure... Showing 20 mins at set break seems to work the best... and it's just enough of a tease to get people to buy the DVD. (which will be on sale for only $20!)


I'm getting very excited about this one...

I'm asking people to submit some requests:

I'm hoping for:

Don't Treat me Like That

Birth Of Confusion

Lake Wallow

anybody else have some requests?

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[color:"blue"] FROM EYE MAGAZINE: pg.40 - May 13/04


Try as the punks did to kill off hippie culture, the recent crossover between jam-band and raver scenes virtually guarantees the good vibrations will keep reverberating for generations to come. For the past four years, Nova Scotia's Evolve Festival has been encouraging this convergence with eclectic lineups combining Djs with improv-jazz acts like Medeski Martin & Wood, twang-rockers like Luther Wright and the Wrongs, and funk-hop trpes like The Wassabi Collective. These artists and many more are featured in e4, a new DVD documentary of the 2003 festival that recieves its premiere Toronto screening at the El Mocambo (464 Spadina Ave.) at 10:30pm; the film will be followed with a show by one of the film's acts, Maritime Blues-funksters Grand Theft Bus.

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E4 (Farmhouse Productions) Rating: NNN

There's something wonderful about watching people when they don't know they're being watched. If they're doing something self-involved like dancing about like soma-dosed rag dolls, it's that much better. E4 provides plenty of that sort of remote viewing: people in silly makeup, hula hoop orgies, people laying down the sweet sweet white funk. But that's not what the DVD is really about. E4 is the record of the fourth year of Canada's hugest granola-rave, the Evolve festival. In that, it does a pretty good job.

It's no Burning Man, but the camera work is nice. The documentation of the various live trance-political musical acts (including Grand Theft Bus, High Plains Drifter and Wasabi Collective) and the mood of the shows is reasonably compelling – a little too earnest, but compelling. But while this may be just my wrong-headedness, I can't see people wanting to buy E4 unless they feel that somewhere down the line they'll want to show their kids the "happening" where they were conceived

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