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Desperate United States


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desperate signs from the states I've come across in the past week...

Job Posting -Interrogator/Intel Analyst Team Lead - Baghdad, Iraq

Under minimal supervision, will assist the team lead in managing a multifaceted interrogation support cell

and the top link on the opening page of the CIA website - Iraq Rewards Program - offering rewards if you know anything about:

Imminent Attacks

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Ba'thist leaders

Insurgency and terrorism

10 to 1 your "reward" is being subjected to the afore mentioned civilian "Interrogator" for a few months

on a side note, here's a profile of the girl shown in the Iraq torture pics: Good ol girl Lynndie England, 21, from backwoods West Virginia

"To the country boys here, if you're a different nationality, a different race, you're sub-human. That's the way girls like Lynndie are raised.

"Tormenting Iraqis, in her mind, would be no different from shooting a turkey. Every season here you're hunting something. Over there, they're hunting Iraqis."

sadly Rumsfield will talk his way out of everything today with some sort of "desperate times require desperate measures. terrorists, insurgents, weapons of mass destruction. I don't know who ordered these actions but I do know that they were trying to save the lives of brave young American men and women."


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Frightening indeed. What I'm hoping though is that the relavance of these crimes doesn't fade between now and the election...much like the sponsorship scandal is likely to fall off the radar here in Canada by the time we're voting.

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everything Republican is semantics

saw this debate with a sensible democrat and some old fat cat republican on CNN yesterday and all the republican did was keep saying the same nothing again and again

"so you think we should impeach Rumsfeld for fighting for America"

"well you can't impeach the secretary of Defence, only the president or supreme justices"

interrupting that sentance halfway through "so YOU believe that Rumsfeld should be impeached for doing his job"

"you can't impeach anyone but..."

"We'll be right back after this short commercial message."

I could write a series of books about every ignorant, backwards, double-sided ridiculous action and argument I've seen come from this american government. Bush talks like a 5 year old so no one can trip him up on what he says. Just say nothing and no one can blame you for what you say. Errrrrrr ::

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Technically, he's right - you *can't* impeach the Secretary of Defense. Doesn't mean that Bush can't *fire* him, though... which he has refused to do.

Still, you're right - everything *is* semantics with the Republicans... although I guess you could argue that everything, everywhere, is just semantics, if you were feeling particularly argumentative. Which I'm not (feeling argumentative, that is) currently... but I'm sure I'll pick a good fight with somebody, somewhere, before the weekend is over. Consider yourselves warned, all of you... it could come at any time!

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yeah, the democrat was the one saying you can't impeach the sec. of defense and trying to talk about what should be done and the fat cat just kept confusing the issue and trying to bully him into not being able to say anything... a disgusting display

democrat got him in the end by saying the fat cat's name which caught him off guard long enough that the democrat could say quickly that the leader of the military is resposible for the military's conduct and is thereby more resposible than anyone in the army and should therefore be asked to resign over such a scandal as a sign of good faith to arab nations

republicans are so scary because they constantly call the rest of the world evil when in reality they've got that area covered

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