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I thought this was important enough to start a new thread for, though the seed of this idea was in the "Canadian Bands and Promoters" thread.

The idea is a megafestival featuring all Canadian acts, as many of them as we can get together for a three-day monster of a show.

I am willing to host a show like this here at the Farm, and would like to know what the interest levels are like on a national basis....maybe this could, in fact, be the first real shot anyone's truly made to bring the coasts together musically.

I welcome any input with regard to this.

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I guess timing (not around other huge festivals), accomodations (nearby towns with hotels for the less brave?), travel availability (airport? train? buses?) and mainly the headlining attractions (would have to look at some big acts tour schedules to see they'll be somewhere east around then)

sounds feasible to me! a matter of details

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the main thing with bonnaroo (what you're comparing it to) is that it's drivable from 80% of the US in a day... The Farm is not even remotely central to anyone west of central Ontario.... What about Thunder Bay or somewhere around there? Canada is a huge linear country (as far as transportation goes) so it's almost impossible to find a site that will be accessible to all.

And Neil Young would come play a 3000 capacity farm in rural NB? Please...

Don't want to rain on the parade, but I think being realistic is kinda important...

I'd love to see it happen ::


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If someone in Ontario wants to host it, I'm there. I would help in any way I could.

And who knows what Neil would or would not do? I haven't asked him yet. There are many other performers we could consider for a show like this, Neil, of course, was obviously at the top of the list.

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