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Ottawa People going to CTMF

Ms Zimmy

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I will try kiddos!

Writ will likely be dropped Sun. May 23, and that is the weekend of CTMF right? It may be doable.....!!!!

If it is, I think I've got the Sloth riding shotgun and Madam Zimmy in the back so far....

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zimmy, i think you should come for sure!!!! it's going to be a BLAST and it'll be exciting to meet a new face on the board!

freeker, ya better watch it, an attitude like that is gonna make everyone think ottawa is the sissy capital of the world! hahaha, just kidding.

and huxy, if you don't make it to CTMF, please consider your ass completely, fully and personally kicked by yours truly. you'd better be there! :D

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