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Beginning Dump Of Physical Memory!!!


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Guest Low Roller

Fucking viruses....

I wish I could help you Velvet, but I'm not familiar with this problem... :(

On a side note, I want to editorialize if I may:

For the love of God people, run virus checkers, firewalls, and spyware removal tools on your computer! I CANNOT stress this enough. There is so much crap infecting the web right now that it has become an utmost necessity to setup several levels of security on your computer.

Buy SYMANTEC ANTI-VIRUS. Don't be cheap. Get the fucking software and install it on your computer. It will solve 60% of your problems. Update frequently.

Then I recommend you download (for free) AdAware and Spybot. These are the two best tools to combat spyware. All other ones are crap. I don't have the web address, but Google them, and you can easily find them. These programs search and destroy any trojans and worms that have attached themselves to your computer, something that Symantec won't necessarily find. Update these programs regularly.

A firewall is the best way of preventing someone to tap into your computer and use it for nefarious purposes. I luckily run a firewall since I intercept about twenty pings a day from as far as Amsterdam and Hong Kong. I use the McAfee firewall (freeware), but you can buy some industrial strength firewalls that won't even allow stray 1s or 0s to pass through it.

Once you've installed all this software and cleaned up your system, download a nifty little program called Registry Mechanic that essentially cleans up any mess left behind by all the garbage you've eliminated.

While you're at it defrag your hard drive.

Sorry for the rant, but I've been dealing a lot lately with unprotected computers that send me all sorts of shit. In fact the majority of my daily spam can be directly credited to trojans that are sitting on unprotected computers.

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I can't get onto my internet anymore. Illegal operations, Rundl32!?!?!? But my virus protection has been down for months too (it got taken off, then wasn't able to be put back on) I wish I wasn't so computer stupid. Anyway, time to reformat!! Will be getting assistance soon....(whenever you get some free time Sloth-- I'm ready!)

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