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Ottawa people working downtown?

Ms Zimmy

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Guest Low Roller

It could be anything. 60th anniversary of the descent on Normandy, the 15th anniversary of the Tianamen Protest, federal elections, or that insane preacher dude on Rideau that always tells me that I'm going to hell...

Thankfully I don't have to deal with free-thinking people like that here in Kanata. Everyone here is broken and conditioned like that movie Gattaca.

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This is what he is saying:

Improve the biochemistry of the planet, set Cheney to Pluto!

The LaRouche Doctrine….The Key to Peace in the Southwest Asia

Children of Satan includes:

‘Insanity as Geometry’: Rumsfeld as ‘Strangelove II’

The ‘Iglobe Liars’ Being Bush’s Deadly Iraq War

The secret Kingdom of Leo Strauss

Strauss’s Benefactor: Carl Schmitt, the Nazis’ ‘Crown Juris’

Why the Democratic Party Failed to Function in This Crisis


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Guest Low Roller

I'm on the top floor of two floors, and even here the windows don't open. I've yet to see if they are shatterproof though.

One day Mr. computer... One day... ::

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