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whats going on in ottowa this weekend?

mikey d

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Thursday, Contact and Jomomma are playing Cafe Dekcuf, after each doing a set at the beer festival. (There's a separate topic on the fest.)

Friday, Tala, The New Shady Groove and PressWon are playing Mavericks.

Both shows are highly recommended.

(I haven't heard of anything for Saturday, but I'll probably head to the beer festival in the afternoon and through dinner.)



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Hey Mikey D, give us a call on Friday night. Actually, call us on Thursday night. Hopefully I will know more. None the less, you should hit Mavericks if you are looking for something to do on Friday. Unfortunately, some of us aint in town on Saturday night.


We may go to the Lynx, and may go to Mavericks. I really have no idea, but I do know I have a present for you.

(Dont worry CyberHippie, I am saving *that* present for you!)

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