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do you like phish? want to see 4 shows in a row?

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so here is the situation I am in :

My friend and I have tickets to both nights at Deer Creek and both nights at Alpine.

June 23, 24, 25, 26.

We have extras for 24, 25, 26.

We do not have a ride.... :(

so, if you would like to drive, let me know!!!!!

did i mention that its the last leg of the tour? and it will be the last time you will see phish play the legondary Deer Creek and Alpine Valley???

PLEASE!!! Thank you! :)

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i have a PIMP ride with roadside assistance.

i've never seen phish

i almost went to oswego and that left a sour taste in my mouth

all i have is a driver's licence...

i'd love to go! i can stand chillin in the lot on the 23rd if there are no miracles.

i want to see parts of america.

please let me know if you're up for a chill time in a comfy ride with only a tape deck.

If you want a reference, ask alexis. we went to montreal together...a longer trip? ask bobby jones if you know him.

or boogieknight.

the car gets 11 litres to 100 km. not bad mileage for a big car.

it's a big white car with no bumper stickers. looks like a car a pastor would drive.

hit me back! i wanna do this!

i'm willing on splitting groceries and camping/accomodations if me must stop.

i have a 2 man tent but i'm big.

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I've got some tickets and might be looking for a ride.. or even someone who may want my second ticket.. it's all very early still.. but I like to plan early.

Even if I do get a ride and one of my current "yeah that sounds like fun, but I'll have to get back to you" people takes my other ticket it would be cool to hook up an Ottawa caravan down to the gig don't you think?

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thatpatguy, I might have your ride hook up for exchange of a ticket. Alexis (goes by Alexis on this board) wants to hit up Coventry but doesn't have ticket. She does, however, have a car. You might want to PM her, I will totally vouch for her driving and record, if need be. I've been to Long Island, NY, Greensboro, NC, and Limestone, ME to see Phish shows with her. Plus numerous trips to NY state for local shows. Just a heads up or whatever...

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