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October 2, 2004

Afro Cuban All Stars

Nov 3, 2004


Dec 5, 2004

Keith JARRETT, Gary Peacock, Jack DEJOHNETTE (best drummer i've ever seen, only person even close would be Copeland)

Mar 4, 2005

Herbie HANCOCK, Roy hargrove, Michael Brecker, DIRECTIONS IN MUSIC (again...)

If anyone is looking to go to any of these shows, lemme know. I'll be hitting all of them, and wouldn't mind some company for one or two shows...

I can get a second ticket for any of them if you want. I got Friend of Massey Hall First, so i'll be able to get the first five or so rows (maybe front row, probably balcony, i LOVE front row balcony) to most of those shows...

They aren't cheap though...They'll all be 100ish dollar a ticket shows...

If your not sure which'll be the best one, i'd say if you HAVE seen herbie already, check out the Chick Corea Elektric Band!

Sweet Massey Hall!


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I'm too lazy for google. Who's playing with Chick Corea in the Elektrik band?

Ditto the Jack deJohnette....I can't name the Mclaughlin album that's he's on (likely more than one) but he's distinctive.

Brian Blade was also mindblowing at the Herbie Hancock show in Ottawa.

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well jack played in the Herbie Trio, i saw them last February i think, it was the best show i've seen this year so far...

As for who's playing with Chick. He's back with the original Elektric band lineup...going from memory, so disregard the spelling, i'd say this is his lineup:

bass: John Patituci

drummer: Dave Weckl

guitarist: Frank Gambale

saxophonist: Eric Marental

keyboards/piano: Some Punk.

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no on sale dates have been listed.

I got the brochure from massey hall directly. (snail mail) They are only going on sale to Friends First Members first, like always...

They will then go on sale (no announced date so far) at a later date.

This is why i'm offering to get tickets for anyone who wants them. They are always the best tickets available...

I usually try to get front row balcony.

Prices are as follows:

Directions in Music


Jarrett, Peacock, Dejohnette


Afro-Cuban All Stars


Chick Corea Elektric Band


When they go on sale, if your not sure about the bands or styles, grab the cheap ticket...

All four shows will be fantastic!

Friends First Purchasing Period:

Wed Aug 18 - 10am to 6pm (phone and counter)

Thurs Aug 19 - Sun Aug 22 10am to 6pm (counter) 9am to 8pm (phone)

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well if you want the best available seats, i'll get you one with me...through the friends first.

but i can't believe how cheap the low end tix are, and would totally understand u just grabbing those ones...

And for the rest of ya on this board, YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO SEE CHICK COREA FOR UNDER 30 DOLLARS!!!!!! (dont blow it!)

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That is wicked for you TO folks!

I have seen Keith Jarret Trio three times, and each time was more amazingly beautiful than words could ever say.

It would be incredible to do all three, but I just had to encourage folks who maybe don't know too much about Keith Jarrett to go check him out.

Keyboardists should really check them all out.

Man I wish I could do all of them.


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Doh! FattyMagee, you got me wanting to check-out Keith Jarret now too!

Does anyone know if Herbie does any of his electronic 70's stuff anymore - I would kill to see that... literally, or is he basically staying in the more traditional jazz (which is still fantastic).

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the chick corea elektrik band tape i have really sucks.

it's really really crappy. it was the studio album.

i can not stress how much of a let down the music on it was.

earthfreak/moose (the lovely caroline fric) got it for me. the thought was totally nice and it was great to get a tape for the car...but it's really sh!tty. i thought it'd rock because the talent's awesome...pattitucci and weckl? come on awesome...you'd think.

if i was going to gamble with which show would be awesome, i'd say hit up the standards trio (jarrett, peacock, and dejohnette) - that's one of the best jazz groups ever to play a note and i'd say that they rank about evenly with the cool era of miles with mr. coltrane on sax...bold statement but they pretty much bankrolled so many other ECM artists. without these guys you wound't see so namy records come from ECM.

if you're gonna hit one show and aren't sure about much jazz, go see keith jarrett.

i want to go to that show. it'll likely be the most spellbinding show you'll see this year...slip montreal included.

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